The Issues

Preserving America’s Embattled Seafood Processing Industry

America’s seafood industry today is in peril – pounded by cheap imported products from
low-wage regions in Asia and Latin America, sapped by rising costs for fuel and other
essentials, and battling complex and sometimes irrational government regulations. The
$31 billion industry, which supports more than a million U.S. jobs – including almost
184,000 involved in preparation and packaging of seafood – needs policy makers’
support if it is to survive and prosper in the 21st century.

The Coalition to Save America’s Seafood Industry works to assure that the voices of
fresh seafood processors are heard in Washington and to defend thousands of American
jobs that could be lost if the government reverts to ill-conceived policies that ignore
economic realities. We are committed to achieving public policies that will help assure
the American seafood industry’s long-term survival and prosperity for the benefit of
everyone whose livelihood depends on it.

Battles over the H-2B seasonal worker program and other issues highlight the need to
reexamine the regulatory system under which seafood processors operate and to assure
that they have the flexibility to address their challenges. Industry leaders understand
the need for adequate regulation and stand ready to work with the Administration and
Congress toward crafting properly balanced, thoughtful rules. They look to government
officials to make an equal commitment to realistic and fair oversight and to helping the
industry find sensible, long-term solutions to its challenges.