How Shopping Cart Trick Fix & Raise Your Credit Scores

Do you have bad credit? There are ways to help you acquire a credit card despite having poor credit scores. For instance, you can get a bank account to qualify for unsecured credit card. However, if you don't qualify for it you will have to get the secured credit card but you need to fund your bank account. The next step is to raise your credit scores to qualify to get more credit card offers. Keep your credit lower and be sure to pay for your debts on time. Learn more about shopping cart trick on

Get qualified for a shopping credit card

Before you can apply for a new credit card you need to know your current credit score first. Second, you must reduce the amount of your debts. When you see a good offer, don't go for it right away. Try to find other credit card offers. Once you find the best credit card offer, fill up the form application properly and provide all of your income resources. This will increase your chances of getting a good credit card offer. Suppose you get rejected, don't give up right away. There is another way to get shopping credit cards and that is through the shopping cart trick.

How does this shopping trick works?

It's an interesting way to get shopping credit cards because even if you have poor credit scores, you can get your one. However, not all stores make use of this trick so you still have to check if your favorite store accepts this method. You can check which stores accept shopping credit cards at the comenity bank. See if you are opted in for credit cards. Go to the shopping site and make sure you clear your browser first and your pop-up blocker is turned off. Choose the items you wish to buy and proceed to check out. Credit card offers will pop-up.