Development Of My Passion Into Business

I have been doing personalized designer pastries for several years now. This has been my part time hobby way back in college as having a part time job is not what I want to do. I have some regular agencies in dubai and have built up quite an extensive design portfolio for it over the years and after I finished my degree, I decided to focus on the pastries business and opened up my very first physical shop and commissary. Sales have been going very well and I was so thankful that business was on the go.

I have already employed from four staff and now they are already fifteen all in all and I am still very visible and have been working with my staff in designing and innovating new flavors and doing some detailed miniature art which I am famous for. Some suggests that I branch out and expand my business, but then the other side of me says no as the personalization and quality would vary from each store. So instead I plan to have a website where people can easily see our work, the existing designs.

They can book an appointment from the website so that they do not need to line up in the shop when they arrive when booking for some personalized orders for some occasions. My dilemma is that I do not have any idea on how to design a website nor how to make one as well. Good thing that my friend recommended web development Dubai and I got their services. Indeed they are experts of their craft as what I do in mine, they made my website with almost no effort at all and the result was really great. In three weeks time after it was launched, our orders doubled and now we are looking forward to expand our commissary some more.