Teaching Quran Is My Big Break

I am just freshly graduate guy and have been working in a publishing company as a part time writer, and being new in the job, I am only given an assignment when the big guys are all full or if the topic is boring. I knew that I am an excellent journalist, all I need is just a break to make it big in the industry. And most of the big guys here also started out from the bottom so I just need more patience and wait for that big break. Author is an expert of Learning Quran for kids, click here for more interesting information.

But still I have to face reality that I need to eat everyday and I have bills that I need to pay each month so I need to fill up my pocket in other means while waiting for that break I am waiting for. I decided to help teach and spread my faith teaching kids with Learning Quran for kids where I can have a regular flow of income. This part time work usually is after office time and some on the weekends which is just perfect while on weekdays while on my regular shift I would be in the office and be on my part time job after wards.

I have been earning good so far with the part time , but what is more fulfilling with this job is that I was able to help children understand our faith and lead them to the right path and it really feels very good when their outlook improved that means I was an effective teacher . And you would see the smiles of their parents when they get to see their children’s evaluation from school being good people and many improved as well. I would usually give them a bonus like treating them to some ice cream on the weekend and I think this is my big break.