Development Of My Passion Into Business

I have been doing personalized designer pastries for several years now. This has been my part time hobby way back in college as having a part time job is not what I want to do. I have some regular agencies in dubai and have built up quite an extensive design portfolio for it over the years and after I finished my degree, I decided to focus on the pastries business and opened up my very first physical shop and commissary. Sales have been going very well and I was so thankful that business was on the go.

Megashare9 And Sports Camp For My Summer

It was the last day of school and we could really feel that summer is coming but this year would be a lot warmer than the previous as announced in the news. Many of my friends are spending their vacation way up in the north that is somewhere cold so I think I would be left alone in our little town as we cannot spend for a trip this year since we go tour house renovated, and a new car plus my brother is going into college the next school year. Anyway, to cover up for those, my mom got me a new smart television which in a way made me happy.